Katie Rand

Reassuring British female voice-over talent, with the ability to lull you into obedience with just a flutter of her vocal chords.

Think of the space beneath a warm, cosy blanket. Somewhere you might retreat to when biz gets a bit too real, and you need the soothing presence of a friend. Yes! That’s it! See? That’s what you get with Katie Rand.

A reassuring, quilted hygge of a voice which, from personal experience, can lull you into a state of happy submission or simply get you to do things you didn’t even know you wanted to do!

Katie has worked full time as a professional voice-over artist for over three years, having trained in drama and worked in advertising, and has decades of experience in the subtle art of psychological manipulation. She has a genuine passion for humankind, a heart as warm as an electric blanket and an enthusiasm that would make ‘Buddy the Elf’ give up and go home.

She’s also got the funnies! She’s been known to make a character script written with a hangover, 10 minutes before deadline sound like it was crafted over a year by a team of hilarious, ironically t-shirted, hungry, young writers.

Don’t believe me? Have a listen. Bet you’ll believe Katie.


Just a few of Katie’s Clients